Parks & Recreation Department

The City of Elko's commitment to providing diverse recreation programs and accessible facilities reflects its dedication to enhancing the quality of life for its residents and fostering a sense of community.  The City of Elko's commitment to diverse and accessible recreation programs and facilities aligns with the goal of promoting community well-being, physical fitness, social interaction, and a strong sense of belonging among its residents. These efforts contribute to a vibrant and healthy community where residents can enjoy an enriched quality of life.

We are happy to see so many people in our community taking advantage of our beautiful facilities.  Please feel free to come and visit us soon.

Reservation Required:  Because of the extremely high use and popularity of the Elko Park facilities, reservations must be made to assure availability on the day and at the time you wish to schedule your function. All functions and special event reservations are made with the recreation office. During the summer months Elko Parks are filled to capacity for picnics, family gatherings, sports activities and special events.

Equipment Rental:  The availability of equipment rental services suggests that the city strives to enhance the park experience by offering additional amenities and resources to users.

User Fee:  Park visitors are not required to pay a user fee for general use. However, if a specific park area is reserved for a private party or event, those who have not paid the reservation fee may need to make alternative arrangements.


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