Adoption Information

The Elko Animal Shelter promotes the responsible adoption of shelter animals and aims to reduce the number of animals that are abandoned or surrendered for various reasons. 

Encouraging Adoption: The shelter encourages responsible individuals to visit them and consider adopting a pet from the variety of animals available. By adopting from shelters, people can provide loving homes to animals in need.

Reasons for Surrender: Many animals end up in the shelter due to unrealistic expectations of their owners. People need to realize that cute puppies and kittens grow into larger animals and may require more space and care than initially anticipated.

Consider Living Space: Prospective pet owners are advised to consider their living space. If they live in an apartment or a place without a yard, they are encouraged to choose a small inside pet that doesn't require outdoor space.

Check with Landlord: Renters are reminded to check with their landlords or rental agreements before adopting a pet, as some rentals may have restrictions on pet ownership.

Adoption Questions: Before adopting a pet, individuals are encouraged to ask themselves essential questions regarding where the animal will live, available space, responsible care, financial capability, and the reason for wanting a pet. These questions help ensure that the decision to adopt is a responsible one.

Pet Over-Population: The City of Elko faces a serious pet over-population issue, leading to the euthanasia of many unwanted but otherwise healthy animals. The message emphasizes the importance of spaying or neutering pets to control the animal population, highlighting the role of veterinarians in performing this procedure.

Benefits of Spaying/Neutering: Spaying or neutering pets is presented as a healthier option for the animals, a cost-effective choice for pet owners, and a contribution to controlling pet over-population.