Councilman Clair Morris

Due to his diligent work ethic, passion for change, and history of commitment to community service Councilman Morris was asked by local citizens to run for City Council in 2019. He has been serving as a City Councilmember since 2020. 

Councilman Morris has a deep and extensive history with the Elko community. He has a strong educational background, having attended Grammar #2 and Grammar #1 before graduating from Elko High School in 1971. He furthered his education at Weber State, where he graduated in 1976.

Councilman Morris had a long and distinguished career in law enforcement.  It began with the Elko Police Department, where he worked for 16 years. He was then asked by Sheriff Harris to become the Undersheriff, serving for 8 years before returning to the city as the Chief of Police. Councilman Morris spent 30 years in law enforcement and then retired. He quickly transitioned to work for Newmont Gold, where he served as the Regional Security Manager for over six years before retiring once more.  Although he enjoyed his time with Newmont Gold, his heart remained in law enforcement.

His passion for law enforcement led him to accept the position of Undersheriff for Sheriff Pitts, even after being out of law enforcement for over 5 years. At the age of 60, he had to return to the POST Academy for training, but he successfully graduated from the academy and even received awards for physical fitness and marksmanship. He retired for the third time in 2016.

Councilman Morris has lived in Elko since 1958, raised his family in the community, and has no intention of leaving. He acknowledges the changes in Elko over the years but believes it remains an excellent place to live, work, and raise a family. He thinks a quote from a local successful business man says it all," if we aren't going forward, we are going backwards." He knows there is a very vocal minority that wants Elko to be dormant and does not support growth.  He supports managed growth and believes it's essential for the community, particularly for the youth.

He expresses gratitude to the citizens of Elko for the opportunity to serve and mentions that, being retired, he has the time and energy to continue serving the community

Councilman Morris is the liason for the following departments and community boards:  Police Department (2nd), Landfill (2nd), Finance Department (2nd), Elko County Commission (2nd), Regional Transportation Commission, the Stormwater Advisory Council, the Recreation Board, and the Golf Course Advisory Board. 


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