Councilman Chip Stone

Councilman Stone is a dedicated and passionate individual who has been serving since his election in 2019.  Councilman Stone has always had a deep connection to his community and a strong desire to make a positive impact on its residents. As a long-time city councilman, self-employed entrepreneur, and devoted family man, he has proven time and time again that he is the voice of the people and a trusted leader in Elko.

Councilman Stone arrived in Elko over 28 years ago and fell in love with the city and its people. He recognized the potential for growth and prosperity in the area and decided to make it his home. His dedication and commitment to improving the lives of Elko citizens led him to pursue a career in public service.

Before entering politics, Councilman Stone established himself as a successful entrepreneur in the jewelry industry and the sound and lighting industry for 35 years. His business acumen and passion for his craft earned him a reputation as a trusted and skilled craftsman. His entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic have been instrumental in his ability to connect with the citizens of Elko on a personal level.

As a city councilman, Councilman Stone has been a driving force behind numerous initiatives and projects that have made a substantial impact on the community. He prides himself on being a voice for all Elko citizens, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status. He firmly believes that every resident should have equal opportunities for success and happiness in their hometown.

Councilman Stone's commitment to his community is not only evident in his professional life but also in his personal life. He is married to his wife Kim and they have three children, Brandon, Kaylee, and Trevor. Chip's dedication to his family and his community is the driving force behind his desire to serve.

Councilman Stone serves as a liason to the following city Departments and community boards:  Fire Department, Animal Shelter, Parks & Recreation Department (2nd), Recreation Board Member, and Chair of the Elko Convention and Visitor Authority.  


Chip Stone Collage