Redevelopment is a process authorized under Nevada Revised Statutes 279. The ultimate aim of Redevelopment is to revitalize and improve blighted areas, stimulate economic development, and enhance the overall quality of life in the Redevelopment Area, 

Redevelopment Process: Nevada law allows for the creation of redevelopment agencies to identify deteriorated and blighted areas that need revitalization. These agencies develop a plan and provide initial funding to launch the revitalization of these areas. Redevelopment is intended to attract private sector investment that might not occur otherwise. The funding for redevelopment activities comes from "tax-increment financing" (TIF), where a portion of the property tax, known as the "tax increment," is set aside for redevelopment activities.

Goals and Objectives of Redevelopment

Public Safety and Welfare: The primary objective is to promote public safety and welfare, eliminate blight and deterioration, and rehabilitate the Redevelopment Area in line with the Master Plan, Redevelopment Plan, and local codes and ordinances.

Pedestrian-Oriented Downtown: The redevelopment program aims to create a downtown environment that emphasizes pedestrian-friendly design and architectural, landscape, and urban design principles.

Visual Enhancement and Beautification: Visual enhancement and beautification are essential to minimize unplanned growth and guide revitalization and new development to meet the needs of the area, the city, and its citizens.

Vehicular Access and Business Retention: Adequate vehicular access and circulation are essential to retain and support existing businesses. Cooperation and participation of property owners, businesses, and public agencies are encouraged in the revitalization of the Redevelopment Area.

Historic and Cultural Preservation: The program promotes historic and cultural interest in the area and encourages private sector investment by removing impediments to development and redevelopment.

Community Participation: The redevelopment program respects past efforts and encourages the participation of residents, business owners, property owners, and community organizations through public/private partnerships.

Plan Conformance and Advancement: The redevelopment of the Redevelopment Area is intended to align with the city's Master Plan and Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 279 by addressing various factors, including correcting environmental deficiencies, improving land use, assembling land for modern development, and strengthening the economic base.

Additional Goals: The redevelopment program also seeks to expand employment opportunities, provide an environment for social and economic growth, improve housing for low and moderate-income individuals, and install or replace public improvements, facilities, and utilities as needed.


The Redevelopment Agency of Elko is governed by the provisions contained in the redevelopment Plan and also in accordance with the provisions and limitation contained in NRS 279.685, the City of Elko Charter and the Official Code of the City of Elko.  The Redevelopment agency is required to develop, implement, and oversee the Redevelopment Plan. and designate the Redevelopment Area. This Plan provides the Agency with powers, duties and obligations to implement and further the redevelopment program generally formulated in this Plan for the redevelopment, rehabilitation, and revitalization of the Redevelopment Area.

The Redevelopment Agency members include:  Mayor Reece Keener, Councilman Chip Stone, Councilman Clair Morris, & Councilwoman Mandy Simons.

The Redevelopment Agency currently oversees three grant projects.  They include:  the Storefront Grant, the Demolition Grant, and the Infrastructure Grant.

1755 College Avenue

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