Street Cut Permits

The City of Elko has a Street Cut Permit program in place to regulate excavation work within the city's street rights-of-way. This Street Cut Permit program is essential to ensure that excavation work within the City of Elko's street rights-of-way is carried out safely, efficiently, and in compliance with established standards and regulations. It helps maintain the integrity of the city's infrastructure while minimizing disruptions and hazards Here is a summary of the key steps and requirements involved in obtaining a Street Cut Permit:

Obtaining a Permit: To perform excavation work within the City of Elko street rights-of-way, individuals or contractors must obtain a Street Cut Permit from the Public Works Department at City Hall.

Application and Fees: The applicant (owner or contractor) is responsible for completing the Street Cut Permit application. The application must be submitted along with any applicable fees to the Public Works Department at City Hall. The submittal should also include a traffic control plan.

Marking Excavation Area: Before beginning excavation work, mark the area of excavation in white. Notify the Underground Service Alert (USA Dig) at 1-800-227-2600 at least 48 hours before any excavation. This allows utility companies to mark existing utilities in the area.

Road/Street Closure Notification: Notify Elko Central Dispatch at (775) 777-7300 in advance if any road or street closures are necessary.

Traffic Control Devices: Install traffic control devices before commencing any excavations to ensure safety.

Excavation and Repairs: Proceed with excavation, installation of facilities, or making repairs as needed. Backfill the trench and have an authorized testing firm verify compaction materials and density. If public improvements like sidewalks, curbs, gutters, or other infrastructure are affected, the owner/contractor is responsible for labor, equipment, and material costs for repairs. The City of Elko is responsible for asphalt pavement repairs. Ensure that all work and materials used for trench excavation and backfill conform to the Standard Details and Specifications for Public Works Construction (commonly referred to as the Orange Book). A list of authorized testing firms and Orange Book requirements is available from the Public Works Department.

Inspection and Documentation: Inspection and compaction test forms, provided by the City, must be submitted to the City of Elko Public Works Department at City Hall. This is done to confirm that all the required work has been completed.

Fee Assessment: The City of Elko Public Works Department will perform a field measurement of the excavation area to calculate the asphalt pavement trench area. Based on this assessment, final fees will be determined. The applicant may receive a reimbursement or be required to make an additional fee payment.

Special Considerations: Depending on the specific details and scope of work, and if the excavation is within a street less than five years old, additional approvals may be necessary. The applicant may need to petition the City Council for approval.

Emergency Work: In the case of bona-fide emergency work, the work may be performed immediately. However, a Street Cut Permit must be completed, and fees must be paid during the next regular City business day.