Human Resources

The Human Resources Department in a city government plays a pivotal role in managing personnel-related services and activities. The Human Resources Department serves as a vital link between city employees and the administration, facilitating recruitment, development, and management of a skilled and motivated workforce. Their efforts contribute to maintaining a well-functioning city government and ensuring that employees are fairly compensated, informed, and supported in their roles. Additionally, the department plays a crucial role in fostering positive labor relations and ensuring compliance with relevant employment laws and regulations.

Recruitment & Selection: Planning and executing recruitment efforts to attract qualified candidates for vacant positions within the city government. Conducting job analyses and creating job descriptions. Managing the hiring process, including advertising job openings, screening applications, conducting interviews, and making hiring recommendations.

Compensation & Classification: Developing and maintaining a system for job classification and compensation. Administering salary structures and pay scales for city employees. Conducting salary surveys to ensure competitive compensation packages.

Benefits Administration: Managing employee benefits programs, including health insurance, retirement plans, and other employee benefits. Assisting employees with benefit-related inquiries and enrollment. Ensuring compliance with relevant labor laws and regulations.

Training & Orientation: Planning and organizing training and development programs for city employees to enhance their skills and knowledge. Conducting employee orientation sessions for new hires to familiarize them with city policies, procedures, and culture.

Labor Relations: Managing relationships with labor unions and employee associations, if applicable. Participating in labor negotiations, contract administration, and grievance resolution. Ensuring compliance with labor laws and collective bargaining agreements.

Safety Administration: Implementing safety programs and policies to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for city employees. Conducting safety training and promoting safety awareness. Managing workers' compensation claims and related matters.

Job Announcements
Job announcements are posted for a minimum of two weeks.
Employment applications are accepted only for open positions.

Applications must be completed online to be considered.

Human Resource Manager

Susie Shurtz
(775) 777-7122

Human Resource Coordinator
Mandy Dela Vega