The City of Elko Code Enforcement Department plays a crucial role in ensuring the overall well-being and quality of life for the residents of Elko by enforcing municipal codes and regulations. Code Enforcement Department plays a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for its residents by ensuring compliance with municipal codes, addressing health and safety concerns, resolving public nuisances, and working collaboratively with other city departments to create a safer and more appealing community.

Fair and Unbiased Enforcement: The department is committed to applying municipal codes fairly and without bias. They ensure that all residents are treated equally when it comes to code compliance.

Collaboration with Other City Departments: Code enforcement works closely with other city departments to address various issues that affect the health, safety, and overall quality of life for Elko's residents. This collaboration helps in addressing a wide range of concerns efficiently.

Health and Safety: One of the primary focuses of code enforcement is to identify and address health and safety concerns within the community. This may include issues such as substandard housing, unsafe structures, and other conditions that pose risks to residents.

Public Nuisance Resolution: Code enforcement is responsible for addressing and resolving public nuisances that can negatively impact the community. This can include issues like noise complaints, abandoned vehicles, litter, and other nuisances that affect the quality of life in Elko.

Community Improvement: By enforcing municipal codes, the department contributes to the overall improvement of the community. This can involve addressing issues related to property maintenance, zoning violations, and other factors that influence the appearance and functionality of the city.

Location & Contact
1755 College Avenue

(775) 777-0517