City Clerk

The Elko City Clerk's Office plays a vital role in ensuring the efficient and transparent operation of the city's administrative functions. The City Clerk's Office is a key administrative hub that helps maintain transparency, compliance with legal requirements, and efficient operations within the city government. Their work ensures that the city's records are well-maintained and that the democratic process, including elections and public meetings, runs smoothly and in accordance with established laws and regulations.

Customer Service: The office is committed to providing excellent customer service to all citizens, staff, and elected officials in a professional and timely manner.

Records Management: The office is responsible for maintaining and managing the city's public records, ensuring their accuracy, and providing access to this information to the City Council, staff, and the public.

City Council Meetings: City clerks play a crucial role in the organization and facilitation of city council meetings. They prepare and distribute agendas, take minutes, and ensure that all required information is properly publicized in accordance with legal requirements.

Ordinances and Resolutions: City clerks assist in the creation, distribution, and publication of ordinances and resolutions, ensuring that they follow legal procedures and processes. They make these documents available for public inspection and compliance with open records laws.

Public Records Management: Maintaining transparency, city clerks handle public records and manage requests for access to these records in compliance with open records laws.

Records Retention: City clerks organize, maintain, archive, and delete records according to legal requirements and the city's records retention schedule.

Contract and Bidding: City clerks often assist in coordinating communication related to contracts, bids, and requests for proposals. They may be involved in creating, distributing,
and managing documents related to these processes.

Business Licenses and Permits: The office serves as the point of contact for issuing licenses and permits, as well as managing related business records and collecting associated payments.

Ethics Filings: City clerks are responsible for collecting and managing documents related to ethics filings for political candidates, including campaign contributions and financial disclosure.

Elections: City clerks play a significant role in coordinating election-related information, communication, and processes. They qualify candidates and ensure compliance with election regulations, and they may complete certification programs to oversee elections effectively.

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