Building Department

Building Codes/Design Standards



The objective of the Building Department of Elko is to provide for code compliance by requiring construction documents to be prepared in adequate detail and submitted for review and acceptance. Accordingly, the Building Department intends to see that structures are designed to withstand reasonable loads with normal use.  The following are the adopted codes by the City of Elko. 

  • The ICC code books can be found online at the International Code Council Website,,
  • The UPC and UMC code books can be found at the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials Website,
  • The NEC code book can be found at the National Fire Protection Association Website,
  • Seismic Design Category D0
  • Wind Speed 115 MPH (at 3 Second gust)
  • Wind Exposure C
  • Snow Loads (both ground and roof) 30 PSF
  • Frost Depth Thirty Inches (30")