Due to the weather pattern that is moving in over the last part of this week, the planed mosquito spraying had to be postponed until the morning of Monday June 24, 2019. We will reserve the following morning of June 25, 2019 for a backup date for any delays that may occur. We will also look to do an additional application Monday July 1, 2019 as scheduled.  As the insecticides to be applied are toxic to bees, we encourage any beekeepers in the area to take necessary precautions. Areas to be treated include the Humboldt River Corridor, Elko City Cemetery, Ruby View Golf Course, all City Parks, The Elko Regional Airport, and the Water Treatment Facility.  We also encourage everyone in the area to assist with mosquito abatement efforts by emptying any stagnant water from tires, boats, buckets, etc, as these areas are the perfect breeding ground for these pests.